Repackaging and Prep Services

Ship product in bulk, we'll break it down and repackage to retail ready state

FIT Prep & Ship offers a full suite of FBA Prep services to support, whether Amazon FBA is your only sales channel or one of many.

Packaging & Assembly Services

Project-based packaging is the cornerstone of our company’s services. It remains a significant part of our service offering and integral service for many of clients today that rely both of our core competencies to support their businesses. We offer many different types of packaging services from very manual and basic to extremely complex and automated. Through many years of experience we know how to best setup assembly lines, integrate conveyors and automation, optimize packaging materials usage and achieve the shared objectives of producing quality at a competitive price. Kit assembly, shrink-wrapping and all forms of automated and manual packaging services complement our fulfillment offering. We work with marketing & advertising agency clients, directly with brands, manufacturers and B2C marketers on all types of assembly projects.

Kit Assembly

Since our inception, we have assembled just about every kind of kit imaginable and have significant experience in working with die cut boxes, trays, pads, labels, seals and custom inserts. Based on client instructions, we can ship assembled kits out in bulk by truck or individually via USPS, postal consolidator, UPS or Fedex. All kits sent out individually are address labeled and shipped with tracking #s that are reported back in consolidated tracking files for subsequent client use. We can offer suggestions of how to best package and protect kit contents in transit, apply labels and use various kinds of void filling materials, create a themed or presentation-oriented appearance for the “wow” factor upon opening, and optimize the design for materials and postage cost savings. We can also supply all packaging materials, from basic plain kraft or white mailers to beautifully printed and brand-messaged cartons.

Bill of Materials Management

We control inventory of kit components and assembled kits in our warehouse management system and produce kit assembly transactions to convert inventory from one form to the other. Maintaining inventory at this level facilitates a virtual and physical paper trail of inventory usage and allocation for proper inventory management practices, enables tracking of inventory lots, and allows us to retain detail kit assembly instructions for each kit which automatically print with the kit assembly transaction.

Complex Kit Assembly

Extending beyond basic assembly of identical products, we can assist clients in using the contents of kits to achieve various goals for subsequent data capture (i.e. coded components), provide match mailings with personalized & color printed mail merged letters, and pack kits within kits for multi-level parent/child association.


Shrink Wrapping

We have several pieces of shrink-wrapping equipment to handle large and small applications on both a manual and semi-automatic basis. Some of our customers deliver bulk quantities of items to be shrink-wrapped, price-labeled, case packed and turned around quickly for bulk shipment to retail. For other clients we protect pick & pack items prior to stocking or returning to sellable inventory, and shrink-wrap kits we’ve assembled as part of the kit assembly process. We handle shrink-wrap projects as small as few hundred to as large as a few hundred thousand.

  • We have had nothing but positive experiences with FIT Prep & Ship! They manage both our Direct to Consumer website fulfillment, as well as our Vendor Central account with Amazon. We have shipped multiple international orders as well, all with no problems!

    Brandon Marz Marz Sprays

  • FIT Prep & Ship has done a great job managing the warehousing and fulfillment of our Dr. Slim Health Products line. They took on a new product, and have been instrumental in helping us begin to grow and develop a brand. Highly recommend their services!

    Keith Marz Dr. Slim Health Products

  • Once upon an E-commerce startup. I hand wrapped tiny terra cotta pots & a hundred other things. The more business grew, the more I had to do! Until one day I shipped them to FIT, where they were neatly shrink wrapped, packaged, palletized, and shipped. I think I slept in that day, and now live happily ever after.

    Haley Muthukamaran

  • Working with FIT, I know that whether my business needs a tiny test batch quantity, hand tied ribbons and bows in custom printed boxes, or orders shipped from 3 different platforms, it's as good as done. They do the little things that make the big picture hum!

    Muthu Elangovan